Who is Libby Liberty?

When the Statue of Liberty descends from her pedestal to travel the country and meet with young Super Citizens, it’s quite a task. In order to perform for more than 50,000 students each year, sometimes she needs to be in three places at once! Since teleportation hasn’t been perfected yet, we have enlisted the help of “Libbys” from across the United States. We work with actresses who believe in the all-American lessons they teach and whose very presence is inspiring to the young and young-at-heart.

While each Libby Liberty brings her unique twist to the character, every one of them is guided by the characteristics embodied by The Statue of Liberty. She stands for freedom, liberty, equality and the opportunity (and great responsibilities) we all have as citizens of the United States.

We are so proud of our Libbys for the talent they use to engage students through acting and singing. But we’re most proud of them for being the kind of souls who choose, every day, to light the way for our next generation.