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Libby Liberty™ Jumps off Stage and on to the Page!

Libby Liberty™ and her Next Great Americans tour bus. This year, she logged 10K miles and reached 40K children in Alabama.

While the stage actress’ reach is limited by logistics, her illustrated counterpart is set to touch the lives of children across the country!

Libby Liberty, star of stage, screen and now … print, is on the road in support of her educational school tour and children’s book promo events.

This fall, Libby Liberty’s story will spread beyond school stages as “In Search of Super Citizens,” is released nationally. The book mirrors her real-life story and invites young kids along for the ride as they meet Super Citizens from all walks of life. The story concludes by suggesting the reader take a good look in the mirror to see that they are, themselves, the next Super Citizen.

Proceeds from book sales help power Liberty Learning Foundation‘s mission to teach, inspire and empower our Next Great Americans.